Get Digital Will Help You ...

  • Select Customer Experience Technologies

    The book gives guidance on choosing Customer Experience Management (CEM) technologies that are powerful and suited to the needs of your specific organization.

  • Make Informed Decisions about Mobile Strategy

    Get Digital details the differences between mobile concepts like apps and responsive design and advises on ways to select the mobile strategy that is right for you.

  • Better Manage Social Media

    Social media can be used to engage customers, deepen relationships, and observe brand sentiments. This book offers insights on tools for greater social media effectiveness.

  • Use Web Metrics to Gauge Performance

    Measurement is a key component of successful digital execution. Important metrics and ideas for vendors whose products can help you optimize performance are divulged.

  • Apply Agile Methodologies to Marketing

    The speed of digital has resulted in marketers having to move faster to get programs to market. The book shares how agile processes can make you faster and more successful.

  • Assess How Marketing and IT Can Partner

    Marketers' technology usage has quickly moved them into the domain of IT. In Get Digital, you'll learn what roles matter and how to integrate marketing and IT.

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Let's face it. Books are heavy. One of the best innovations to come out of the digital age has been the e-reader. After all, why carry one print book when you can carry 100 e-books. GET DIGITAL would make a perfect addition to your e-book library.

If you prefer the way print books feel in your hands, we totally understand that. As a token of appreciation for anyone who buys a print version of the book from, we have asked Amazon to allow them to obtain the Kindle version free of charge.


A word from the Author

I wrote GET DIGITAL because I wanted to help my clients, marketers at Fortune 500 organizations, better understand the impact of digital technologies on the customer experience. My clients are managers and executives who have many years of marketing experience and are tremendous strategist and executors. Their challenge, however, is knowing how to integrate digital technology into their marketing efforts.

For them, it is not solely about which technologies to use. Rather, their concern is how to do so effectively - understanding which resources are needed, which processes should be used and how to get to market successfully.

I wrote GET DIGITAL with their concerns in mind. I tried, and believe I succeeded, to write a book that forgoes jargon for marketer-friendly language to explain how technology supports the marketing and business objectives for which they are challenged to find solutions.

I hope you purchase GET DIGITAL and find that it answers your questions about technology and its role in enabling great customer experiences.

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